I always hated my first name, mainly because no one used it. When I heard it used, it wasn’t me.  My middle name is my identifier – Martell, a created name by my parents. Growing up, whenever someone learned my first name, they would use it teasingly, and I would cringe.  On the first day of classes each semester in college, I didn’t respond when my name was called because they always used first names!

The irony is that I have a lovely first name – Joy.  I don’t think I truly appreciated this name until I read Ann Voscamp’s book one thousand gifts.  Now I want to use it – put it on my website, use it in my signature because I truly do feel the joy that comes from God’s blessings.

As you learn more of my story you may be surprised that I would choose “countingjoy” for my blog title.  And I confess that I question God at times – “where is the joy here?”  I have been in some pretty intense struggles with God at times in the last 10 years.

I’ve had a broken heart that I blamed on God, and He patiently held me, waited for me, loved me. He was the loving Father to an angry and devastated child.  This heart is mending – probably in the best shape it’s been in the last 10 years.

Come with me as I share what I’ve learned – it’s been a long journey.



5 thoughts on “WHERE IS JOY?

  1. Lisa Ray

    Martell, i am so looking forward to your blog. I’ve wondered many times how you have managed to go through what you have…and have wondered if I would be able to be as strong. Thank you for sharing. We all need more joy in our lives.

  2. Therese Williams

    Thank you for sharing this thought. I had lost my joy through losing several people within a short period of time. I have found my joy in my new granddaughter. Her name is even Ava Joy. I look forward to your future blogs.

  3. Sue Bell

    Love it. Wonder how your parents chose Joy as your first name and not your middle name.
    Or maybe it was God working to bring you to this point.
    (Two of my children informed me in the past two days that they like their names. Whew!)


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