The Strongest Man I Know

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The Strongest Man I Know.

My middle brother, David, wrote this memory of a critical time in our family’s life. These events took place in August of 1964 just as school opened in Alabama. I was a senior in high school, Steve was a sophmore, David was in 6th grade, and Paul was in first grade. Our Grandmother Johnson

Grandma Johnson

had come to stay for awhile to help out at home. Since we had just moved to this small rural community, the school was new to us, especially since it was a 1-12 school. We all were in the same school for one year.

Family dynamics and birth order give each of us a different perspective on the same events in a family. As the oldest of four and the only girl, I always thought I should be able to tell those three boys what to do. I’m sure I was annoying, to say the least, but David usually ignored me and did as he pleased! I find it interesting that I have no memory of this specific event as related by David.

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Counting the joys of families.

JoyMartell (also known as Sis by the brothers)


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