It’s Time to Raise Our Voices!

School003Tuesday is for Teachers

The voices heard in the Tennessee legislature today seem to be from the cookie-cutter frame of reference. Test the learners, test the teachers, test the school system. If they don’t fit this one sacred standard, then OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. The whole school or  the whole school system obviously is failing! Charter schools are also obviously the answer!

It takes me awhile to pull out my soapbox and make a stand because the whole state of affairs involving education feels like I’m drowning in garbled verbiage.  Reminds me of the teacher’s voice in a Charlie Brown cartoon, distorted noise with no recognizable speech.

Where are the thoughtful voices that seek to present another voice, another dimension of learning? I’ve found two. I’m sure there are more, but we have to seek them out.

Thanks to Judy Bivens and her editorial today in the Tennessean! Read it and send it to your legislator. My comment to her article:

Well said! The current climate in our legislature and politics in general are so focused on the “tree” (or sacred scores) rather than the forest that we seldom hear a voice for the multi-faceted brains. We cannot put all teachers/learners into a round hole and expect a good fit.

The voice of Rep. Joe Pitts spoke out in a committee meeting regarding the voucher bill.

Our children are not lab experiments. Teachers, principals or parents aren’t the problem. Our policy that seems to change from year to year is creating confusion. First to the Top, Tennessee Diploma Project, Common Core, TCAP and Next PARRC give me whiplash just thinking of all the changes.”

See and hear his speech on Facebook. Then share it on Facebook!

Spread the word!

Counting blessings today of voices that are willing to speak out in the midst of distorted “truth”.



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