Seeds of Faith

Plant2Planting seeds yet?

I repotted a new basil plant yesterday — in the sunshine — without a coat or jacket!

Must be spring! But we’ve been thinking that for a month now in Middle Tennessee. Hard to know what to wear each day. Looking out the window does not give a clue, except whether you need an umbrella. It’s been cold enough for snow this week, yet warm enough to mow the grass.

SeedsIf the noise and distractions in the media this week have you grabbing bags of candy, Easter baskets, and new clothes, take a minute to slow down and do some reflecting.

Perhaps Easter is already a sacred day of rejoicing for you and your family. But even if not, you may plan to attend church this Sunday.

Take a minute to reflect on the seeds of faith planted in your heart.

Are they dormant, just waking up for Easter? Or have they been growing for years?

For many Americans, sometime in your life, someone planted some seeds of faith in your heart. Think about your heart as fertile ground. Macrina Wiederkehr says that deep within us there is a knowing place. The parable of the hidden treasure says the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.  Think of our hearts or knowing place as the field where a treasure is buried.

Buried in your heart are seeds of faith. Who planted your seeds? Your parents? A Sunday School teacher? The church of your childhood? Maybe another relative or a neighbor. Who opened your eyes to the blessings in your life? Maybe a sermon or a book illuminated these gifts for you.

This treasure is worth tending. Maybe your seeds need watering and nurturing. If they have been neglected, spend time sitting still, giving Jesus space to move in your heart.

Give thanks to God for the people who planted seeds of faith in your heart. Honor them with a thank you note or a blessing when you gather for Sunday dinner.

I love the image of seeds in this metaphor; the words from Macrina’s book, The Song of the Seed, are like snapshots. In fact, I put them on cards and stick them on the wall in my quiet place.

I am the land of God.

I am hallowed ground, sacred soil.

I am a home for a treasure that will not rust or face.

My soil is the reign of God.

I am the land of God.    (p. 148)

And this is one of my favorite:

“You (Jesus) are singing up the country of my heart.”???????????????????????????????


It always helps me to have a visible and tangible reminder for these big ideas. I’ve created an envelope (using a Word template) with blank seeds (which may look more like leaves to you!). MySeedsFaithPrint out the file, MYSeedsFaith, cut out the envelope and glue it together. Cut out the seeds and write the names of the people who planted your Seeds of Faith. Slide them into the envelope, then tuck it in your Bible or in your pocket when you go for a walk. Pour the seeds into your hand and give thanks for each person’s gift to you. A gift that you keep in your heart – God’s treasure.

Giving thanks today for so many gifts:

  • God’s Son, the ultimate sacrifice for me
  • the Son’s resurrection from the dead
  • His grace that covers all my sins
  • the gift of Hope so I have no need to fear
  • a life without chains, because all my sinfulness is forgiven
  • I am the Land of God and Jesus is the Lamb!



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