Hands that Heal, Teach, Dig, Drill

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Shelves-to-the-ceiling in a Nashville warehouse.

Carefully organized by category.

Huge boxes full of medical equipment, awaiting shipment.

This modest looking warehouse

  • represents hope for struggling villages far across the ocean,
  • represents dignity for men and women who can grow crops and make goods to sell,
  • represents healing for people without regular visits to the doctor, without a neighborhood Walgreens for basic medicines.

Healing Hands International has been around Nashville since 1991 when a college professor at David Lipscomb University challenged his business students with a project to send medical supplies to Eastern European countries. That small vision has grown into a broad-sweeping organization that is meeting needs from Zimbabwe across all of Africa to South and Central America and over to Japan and beyond.

Since attending a Women of Hope conference on a snowy February Saturday I have had this strong pull to their Women Worth a Million project with women in Haiti and Ghana as well as the education project in Haiti. I recently visited the warehouse and met staff members to learn more. What an amazing place, full of dedicated souls on such a wide array of missions.

Take a look at this impressive warehouse! They have learned how to ship anything! Even a car!

Literally floor to ceiling

Literally floor to ceiling

Wrapped, sealed, and waiting to beshipped

Wrapped, sealed, and waiting to be shipped




It is no easy task to ship goods to other countries as many churches have learned. It’s one thing to get equipment and supplies donated, but it’s quite another to actually get across oceans and into the hands of right people.

If there is not an immediate need for an item, the warehouse holds on to it. Calls come in from medical teams or or disaster relief teams asking for unexpected items.

Bikes and baby cribs

Bikes and

???????????????????????????????In the space between the warehouse and the office building a strip of dirt provides space for a sustainable garden, an important work of the Hunger Fighting Team. Men and women are taught drip irrigation, rainwater catchment, and other skills needed in so many countries.

Women Worth a Million focuses on women living in small African villages and crowded tent cities in Haiti. Training and equipment have given women in India, Mali, and Mozambique hope for the future,  Women are given the tools and training to create products that HHI help them sell to support their families. On the Healing Hands website you can shop for jewelry, clothing, and wonderful shea butter products.

Shea butter mini lotion bar

I bought some of the shea products and love them!

Here’s my commercial for these products. Shea is the fat from a nut that grows on the shea tree. You can find shea in many cosmetic products in your local drugstore, but you can get buy it from HHI and know you are helping a woman in Ghana, West Africa to feed her family.

Have dry feet, rough heels, or cracking skin around your nails?  This is super and not greasy. The texture reminds me of the Burt’s Bees Cuticle Remover that I have used for years. This stuff really works.


What a joyful face of pride in the work she’s doing!

Links to Healing Hands programs:

Counting joys for the good works throughout the world through Healing Hands by supporting women with skills, supplies, and an avenue for selling their products.



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