5 Minute Friday

I’m experimenting with this idea today. i just started following Lisa-Joy Baker’s blog and every Friday she gives a one or two word writing prompt. The idea is to write for five minutes on the topic without editing or polishing. It’s a great way to stretch writing skills, and I need some stretching right now. If you want to follow along with her blog, click here to get details.

Today’s prompt:  In Between.

This morning I woke up at 5:30, not my typical retiree morning wake-up time. When I was teaching full-time, I always woke up before the household and treasured those quiet moments.

Instead of turning over and taking another snooze this morning, I got up, gathered my basket of “Quiet Time” books and notebooks, and sat on the front porch.

This “In Between” is when the neighborhood is barely awake. The sun is peeking over the tree tops and summer’s humidity and heat are still to come.

I love these moments for writing in my journal of blessings, reading from Jesus Calling, finding a Scripture, and praying. I’ve lost my habit of rising early and beginning my day with this time of In Between.

Once the day begins it is so much harder to carve out quiet moments.

June sunrise

June sunrise

5 minutes is not enough! And not editing? This former writing teacher can’t help but edit. But here it is anyway.

I’ll just add one picture and then my thanks. Is that cheating?

Thanks for this morning of quiet – it’s like coming home again.



2 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday

  1. David Ozab

    Good first post! I sometimes wish I could get up before everyone, kind of like a monk, and pray as the sun was coming up. But I’ve never been a morning person. I only get up at six-thirty because my kid is up and she doesn’t let me go back to sleep! Anyway welcome, from a frequent FMF contributor who always adds pictures to his posts (and edits them—shh, don’t tell anyone).


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