A Late Five Minute Friday

Friday’s topic was “Present”.

Since last Friday was a “Grace Day” (see the post from June 1), I just thought about the topic while we snacked, played, recycled, ate lunch, played Hopscotch at the playground. By 5:30 Grace was on her way home and I put a meatloaf in the oven. I found two rather bumpy (read old) sweet potatoes, so I began peeling them to roast in the oven.

I have a great vegetable peeler, but did not intend to peel the skin off my left index finger! Blood gushing out of the finger so I grab paper towels and call Larry. We look like a comedy routine trying to stop the bleeding.

I have this inherited tendency to bleed–not a free bleeder, but my brothers and I have to pay attention and inform doctors before surgery. So we wrap tightly and wait. Larry eats supper, but I’m too sick to my stomach to eat.

After an hour I’m still bleeding, so we wrap again.  After another hour passes, I’m bleeding through the bandage and a towel. So we head to the emergency room.

I’m thinking about “Present”. My present has drastically changed tonight from an ordinary evening at home to hours at the ER.

Life changes on a dime

or a slice across the finger.

They are finally able to stop the bleeding with a wonderful medicine called Surgicel, like a gauze. Even though this was good stuff it really, really hurt.

Most of the night.

Most of Saturday. Thankful for pain medicine!

I’m slowly typing this on my IPad without an index finger.

Trying to not be impatient this morning with this minor wound, but I’m looking at the supplies used in painting the living room, most of the living room apart, and getting sooooo frustrated with typing on this IPad.

So ungrateful over little things that have interrupted my Present.

Forgive me Lord for this impatience.

Thank for medicine, professionals, time to heal, and the comforts of home.

I have some pictures but no patience to try to upload them on this IPad.



3 thoughts on “A Late Five Minute Friday

  1. dmjlollar05

    So sorry to hear that! Surgi-seal is like pouring superglue in an open wound. Literally! I cringe when we have to use it. Let me know if I can be of service! ❤


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