A Prayer for Teachers

School003Tuesday Is For Teachers

I don’t promise to post every Tuesday this year, but I will do my best.

In this one year of blogging I’ve learned that I can either keep to a strict blogging schedule and do no other projects, or I can balance writing with sewing, painting furniture, making Joy Boxes, and decorating.

Retirement has these wonderful freedoms from early morning alarms and tight schedules with so little time for “me”. But it also comes (in my case) with arthritis in hands and knees, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and serious food allergies. But I am so thankful that I’m not teaching with these particular limitations. Teaching is an energy-drain, no matter the grade or location.

I begin each fall with a prayer for teachers – for two years I returned to my last school and gave this message to the faculty. It seems that every year the politics and public pressure increase the demands made on teachers.

It is too much!

My Prayer

So I pray that God bless you this year, whether this Tuesday you are just beginning to arrange your classroom or whether you have already been in school for a full week.

I pray that you are blessed with


  • courage to do the best thing for your students
  • courage to analyze the “new” mandate and if need be, question
  • courage to hold fast to classroom rules or procedures to foster a productive learning environment
  • and courage to bend those procedures in necessary


  • physical strength to meet the daily demands of your schedule
  • emotional strength to support students in crisis, students with trauma, students who challenge you


  • wisdom to know how to meet the needs of challenging students
  • wisdom to know how to balance humor, “the look”, “stick-to your-guns”, or flexibility in classroom management


  • I pray you will find ways to develop an environment that supports creativity despite the pressures of high-stakes testing
  • that you have the creativity to make learning dynamic, risky, open to mistakes, full of wonder

Remember those days in college when you imagined such a classroom?


  • to fight the good fight despite discouraging news, policies, or difficult days
  • to teach this important habit of mind to your students


  • may you find joy in your students — in their humor, their innocence, their unique personalities
  • may you transmit the joy of learning to your students and inspire them to find the joy and wonder of learning

I am thankful for teachers at every level of learning. Teaching is a gift that can enrich the life of the one who is teaching as well as the one who is learning.


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