Five Minute Friday: SMALL

Five Minute Friday

Lisa-Jo Baker gives a topic every Friday and challenges bloggers to write for only five minutes.  Check out her website here.

I’ve been reminded this week to be thankful for SMALL things.


  • Thankful for the delicate shadings of each petal of my latest hydrangeas
  • Thankful for that SMALL needle that can enter my knee and pull off 10 cc of fluid in one knee and 20 cc from the other
  • That same SMALL needle that delivers cortisone to arthritic knees
  • And after that procedure? I’m reminded how blessed I’ve been —- SINCE now the pain is excruciating just to drive home and get these knees elevated and iced.
  • This reminds me of two years ago with weeks of pain before treatment and days of bedrest after treatment.

These SMALL things this morning:

  • NO pain in the knees
  • BENDING to sweep away spider webs and dead blossoms on the porch
  • a COMPLETE night of rest with no pain and no restless legs
  • unusually COOL days  in a Tennessee August

Yesterday – Larry’s gift of SUNFLOWERS for our anniversary.Sun.1

This is not small.

This is HUGE!

44 years of marriage!

May your day be blessed with small things that make your life joyful.

Remember to count those joys!



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: SMALL

  1. Barbie

    Congratulations on 44 years! My husband I will celebrate our 25th on Tuesday. Praying for those knees of yours. You are right, we have so much to be thankful for.


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