Five-Minute Friday: WORSHIP

Writing for 5 minutes today with the community started by Lisa-Jo Baker. See her post over at (In)Courage.

Growing up in a faith tradition that paid strict attention to the FORM of worship gives me one of those Baby Boomer perspectives of change.

Daddy preached nearly every Sunday morning and evening of my life — as a child and a teenager. Worship went like this: 3 songs, a prayer, the Lord’s Supper, preaching, a closing song and prayer. That arrangement might vary a little from place to place, but singing without instruments was ALWAYS the norm.

Our family loved to sing, and we learned to read music, read shape notes, and sing harmony. Singing was part of the fabric of our growing up.

Worship was scripted and orderly. High value was placed on “orderly”.

College years in the 60’s brought new perspectives, new songs, new focus on the FUNCTION of worship. I loved it all.

Feeling during worship became a reality and fed my soul.I learned to worship by myself, reaching deeper into my soul as I matured.

Now I long for a balance, those old familiar songs that we seldom sing anymore and a continued focus on the emotions of worship. For many years after Jennifer’s death, I could not risk “feelings” — my emotions were raw and painful.

Now, I need both the tradition of my childhood and the emotional link with my Creator.

Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Thanks be to God for the opportunity to praise and worship at any time and any place.




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