10 Things I Learned About Blogging This Year


I began this blog last August with lofty plans to post three times a week. Reflecting on a year of posts leads me to some new understandings.

  1. I can either focus on writing three posts a week and do no other “creating” OR set a goal of two times a week and do some creative projects. If I’m painting a piece of furniture, making living room drapes, or redoing a headboard, blogging just gets crowded out. I still love to write, but I love to do all kinds of other things.

    This week's project

    This week’s project

  2. It’s been good therapy to blog about my Broken Heart (see the series by clicking the category Heart Lessons) and losing our one and only child.
  3. Sharing family stories and legacies has been a great way to connect with the younger generation in the family. So many of the stories are brand new to the cousins who are starting their own families. This series of stories are under Family Legacies.
    Great-grandmother Ada Stephens in the middle

    Great-grandmother Ada Stephens in the middle

    Daddy, Mama, and me, 1947

    Daddy, Mama, and me, 1947

  4. Choosing the right picture, editing and cropping it just so is as much fun as the writing. Which of course takes longer than just writing.
  5. I’ve loved discovering talented writers of other blogs. So many talented younger women with deep spiritual roots.
  6. Some memories or events in my life “just fit” into a blog post. Sharing the death of a former student, reviewing a good book, attending authors’ talks at the Southern Book Festival provide moments when I can share an experience. It’s like storytelling while sitting on a Southern porch in the evening.

    Memorial Day Celebration

    Memorial Day Celebration

  7. Teaching is still in my bones and I love this outlet for teaching about improving spirituality, reflection, and God’s abiding comfort throughout my life.
  8. Taking pictures that are worth viewing is my favorite new skill. The point and shoot Canon and my new IPhone with a little editing can make my shaky images look great!
  9. Less is more. I’m learning to cut to the meat of an idea; editing these essays down to fewer words always improves them.
  10. Counting joys daily has given me a change of perspective, a deeper appreciation of God’s blessings, and a ripple of influence that spreads far beyond me. Reached 5000 blessings on August 22nd!

I have a few ideas of where to take this blog in the next year but haven’t nailed them down yet. I have my mother’s journals and letters from her time nursing in Ghana; plenty of teacher stories to tell; and I have Jennifer’s journals that tell her story in her own words. If you have any preferences of what you would like to read about next, let me know in the comment section.

  • I’m thankful today for every faithful reader as well as each casual drop-in to this blog.
  • Thanks for the encouraging comments for many.

I pray these words in this little blog on the vast Internet …

  • will bless the readers
  • cause readers to pause and think
  • pull readers closer to walking with the Savior
  • encourage the teachers of our land whose burdens grow each year.

Bless you all!



7 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned About Blogging This Year

  1. Cheryl

    I am new to your blog but I have read the archives and gotten up to date. I have enjoyed all your entries but I would really enjoy hearing more about your Mother’s time in Ghana. You have given me much to think about.

  2. Emalie

    Your discipline has been encouraging me to write. Your courage, as always, inspires me. Your spirit calls us all to search the corners of our souls for strength in ourselves we might share with others. Rave on, Sister.

  3. Gale Warren

    I appreciate every blog you share. The blog always reflects the friend I knew. Your writings are always a blessing.


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