Five Minute Friday: SHE


 Writing for 5 minutes today with the community started by Lisa-Jo Baker. See her post here.


SHE was made to be a helper and companion for the first man.

SHE heard an angel say that God would place a baby in her womb.

SHE believed the serpent’s lie.

SHE asked the angel how she could become pregnant when she was a virgin.

SHE ate the fruit because it looked good, and she wanted wisdom.

SHE praised the Lord for His miracle.

SHE gave the fruit to her husband.

SHE, heavy with child, traveled long miles with her husband.

SHE  blamed the snake for her sin.

SHE found nowhere to lay her head for the coming birth.

SHE made the first dress from leaves.

SHE prepared her baby’s first bed in the cow’s manger

SHE  learned that God’s displeasure meant childbearing would be full of pain.

SHE bore the pain and gave birth to the Messiah.

SHE became the mother of the first two sons: EveMother of all the Living.

SHE treasured up all the things that happened at her son’s birth. She continued to think about them as she watched this son grow: Mary, the mother of the Son of the Living God.

Here it comes! The first leaf of fall has shown up on the grass that is drying out.

Here it comes! The first leaf of fall has shown up on the grass that is drying out.

Temperatures just right for a picnic in the library courtyard.

Temperatures just right for a picnic today in the library courtyard.


Confession: I seldom can stick to the 5 minute regimen. Maybe I should call it “Friday’s One Word Challenge.”

Finding joy today because

  • it is a Grace Day
  • we explored the treasures of our downtown library
  • we ate gifts from God’s bounty
  • we love Grace Jennifer.



2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: SHE

  1. Debbie G.

    Hey there! You posted before me today in the Five Minute Friday linky party so I thought I’d hop on over and say hello. I enjoyed reading your take on the word SHE. Very creative!
    I’ll be sure to stop by again. 🙂 Oh and don’t worry about the not sticking to a precise five minutes. I don’t think the bloggy land police will come knocking on your door.
    Hope you have a blessed weekend!


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