31 Days Living Dairy-Free and Wheat-Free

31daysbig.2Food allergies. Two of my brothers had food allergies while growing up. Children of my brothers had or have food allergies. Their grandchildren have food allergies.

Not me! I developed food allergies in my late fifties. My first major reaction to food occurred while teaching my 8th grade English class. Thirty minutes after lunch I suddenly felt extremely sick. I knew if I didn’t get to a bathroom quickly, it would be too late. While directing my students (I have no idea what I said), I started easing myself toward the door. As soon as I gave them a task, I ducked out and headed to the teachers’ restroom which luckily was next to the nurse’s office. I will not share all the disgusting details but my body was truly stressed out. When I could finally get to a cot, I was swelling up with hives and other people were getting alarmed. The EMT was called; my husband was called. I was transported to a hospital, given an IV, and told this was definitely an allergic reaction to what I ate. When I saw my family doctor,,he gave me a prescription for an Epipen. And now? I am NEVER without an Epipen in my purse and have become quite good at jabbing that big needle into my leg.

I slowly eliminated all milk products from my diet to stop allergic reactions, but when the reactions continued. I finally had the RAST blood test by an allergist.

Four years ago I sat in my car listening to a phone call from the nurse at the allergist’s office with results from my test. The testing confirmed a milk allergy. But I could hardly believe the second food allergy — wheat!  I never dreamed that wheat was also causing these drastic reactions.

I love bread – all kinds of homemade bread: biscuits, muffins, nutbread, cinnamon rolls, fat pretzels. I made several loaves of sourdough bread every week. I would rather have a slice of hot homemade bread just out of the oven than a piece of cake. My first reality check? What should I do for lunch that day? After the phone call I went into the school building for a workshop. We had box lunches provided and I knew I would find a sandwich and a cookie inside. What would I eat?

I’ll share my ups and downs but primarily share what I’ve learned about baking and shopping for the best and cheapest products. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve learned that one new product can change your outlook.

Here are a few topics in this series:

  1. First, you cry
  2. My Default Snack
  3. Breakfast No Wheat or Dairy?
  4. Breakfast Foods
  5. Shopping: same stores, new view
  6. Kroger’s New Brand
  7. Apple Nachos
  8. Baking Mix: the essential blend
  9. Best Ever Pumpkin Muffins
  10. Baking Mix: the essential blend
  11. Apple Butter Bread
  12. Substitute for Whipped Cream
  13. 31 days (continued): Udi’s bread, my favorite brand
  14. Cooking Very Carefully
  15. Warm Gingerbread
  • 1st successful baked good from my kitchen
  • My favorite cookbooks
  • Shopping @ Krogers, Big Lots, Whole Foods, Aldi, Walmart
  • How to order in a restaurant
  • Favorite meals in restaurants
  • Recipes for pizza, biscuits, cornbread

Since this blog is about counting joys EVERY DAY, I’ll list the blessings for each post. I admit that I was not a thankful person in the early days after my test results. But this is a big thanks:

I’m thankful to finally know what causes the reactions.



7 thoughts on “31 Days Living Dairy-Free and Wheat-Free

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