My Default Snack


I needed to stay late at school one day and knew I needed something to snack out. I made a quick trip to Target and spent way too much time searching their aisles for a snack — not just candy or junk food. I can still eat greasy potato chips and plenty of salty nuts, but I was looking for anything a little more healthy that I could grab and eat quickly, neatly, and not feel full on empty calories.

So many changes in my diet at one time left me reeling at first. Out shopping, going to appointments, work — anywhere but home, and I need a snack? I found it was too much trouble to stop and look. Fast foods offered little I could eat.

I found my favorite default snack at a faculty breakfast during our in-service meetings. Breakfast and brunches seldom provide food I can eat — if fresh fruit is not available. Think about it — donuts, ham and biscuits, bagels and cream cheese, coffeecake, cinnamon rolls, even the very Southern hash brown casserole. Breakfast and brunch were minefields for my food allergies.

Someone brought granola bars, not just any granola bars but Nature Valley granola bars.Granola I had looked at many labels on granola bars, so when I doubled checked this label, I could not believe it. I read it again to be sure I had not missed anything. It was safe! And then I ate it – delicious.

I can’t tell you how many products I’ve tried that promised such hope but tasted like cardboard or tree bark. I’ve spent a lot of money in the past four years on stuff that tasted terrible. Unfortunately, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!GranolaLabel

Many blessings come from this little box of goodness:

  • portable and small enough to slip into my purse
  • easy to find in any grocery store
  • NOT from the Health Food aisle which means it is cheaper
  • frequent sales means I can sometimes a box for only $2, more often at $2.50
  • I haven’t tired of them
  • taste really good with peanut butter
  • a gooey mess of goodness with a marshmallow heated up and sandwiched between two bars
  • comes in different flavors
  • great for breakfast at someone else’s house, especially crumbled over the new Silk Yogurt

Are there any negatives? It has a load of sugars and calories, but my philosophy is that my diet prohibits many of my favorite foods, so when I find one like this – it’s my reward for living without!

Have you found a default snack for your diet? Share, please.

Look for my new Pinterest board for my favorite snacks.



2 thoughts on “My Default Snack

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