Breakfast: No Wheat, No Milk!!

31days.2I have always eaten meals and snacks in a routine (some people would call it a rut): tuna fish sandwiches for lunch for weeks and weeks, Bran Flakes with raisins or bananas for breakfast for years!

As soon as learned of a wheat allergy I had to find something different for breakfast. At the time my breakfast consisted of Bran Flakes cereal with Bryers yogurt.

In 2007 I found these cereals had no wheat in them:

  • cornflakes
  • rice crispies
  • Corn and Rice Chex

Today the Chex cereals provide a much wider variety of cereals. There is a gluten-free bandwagon right now that some brands have grabbed. I’m just glad for the variety. I ate the Chex cereals for months but realized I had not considered the nutritional content. I found them to provide only 3g of fiber and not much else.

Walmart brand of plain rice Chex and Chex brand. Compare prices!

Walmart brand of plain rice Chex @ $2.42 and General Mills brand @ $3.48. Compare prices! Store brand is always cheaper, but your taste may not think it is as good.

Walmart: Vanilla Chex, Chocolate Chex

Walmart: Vanilla Chex, Chocolate Chex

Walmart: Apple Cinnamon Chex, Cinnamon Chex

Walmart: Apple Cinnamon Chex, Cinnamon Chex

Oatmeal was a staple at our house when I grew up, but as an adult I found my stomach and digestive track did not agree with me. I would double over with pain almost immediately after eating a bowl. A family member observed that perhaps the milk was the problem, not the oats. I tried it with my alternative milk — rice milk, and found success!

Glad to say that now my morning breakfast consists of a big bowl of oatmeal, raisins and cinnamon with enriched rice milk. Oatmeal provides more fiber and protein and I use milk instead of water when making the oats, so I can double the calcium. I’ll address my milk choices and the pursuit of adequate calcium in another post.

So thankful for

  • more choices in cereal
  • better labels
  • able to eat oatmeal every morning.. It just warms my insides!



2 thoughts on “Breakfast: No Wheat, No Milk!!

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