Kroger’s New Brand

31days.2I apologize for the big gap in this 31 day project; health issues kept me from writing. I’m still waiting on a shot for my knee but finally have energy to get a short post completed.

Kroger began carrying their new Simple Truth brand a few months ago, and I am so pleased to find items that fit my wheat-free and dairy-free diet. Reading labels and paying attention to prices make a difference in those expensive “health food” products.

In the frozen food section of Nature’s Market I look for frozen waffles on sale.

Simple Truth Waffles

Simple Truth Waffles

If I find Van’s Gluten Free on sale, I gra b them at two boxes for $4.00. I’ve was pleased to find Simple Truth waffles on sale for the same price, but look at the difference in the regular prices of these two brands. Waffles are a great quick alternative for me for any meal instead of a slice of sandwich bread or a muffin.

Another Simple Truth product I found in the refrigerator section of the health food section is this coconut milk.CoconutMilk It’s regular price is the same as other milk’s sale price. Looking at the Nutrition Facts  calcium is 45% which is higher than some of the other milks, and the price was better than my rice milk.  I found the texture of coconut milk to be creamier than other milks which makes it great for cooking, adding to soups or mashed potatoes.

Have you tried any of these new products? Let me know what you think.



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