Yes, I’m Still Writing This Blog

“If we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently,”  Romans 8:25.

I’m memorizing three chapters in Romans this year (1, 8, and 12), and every time I come to this verse I think of my present journey of waiting. I’ve been waiting for a month for a shot in my arthritic right knee to stop it from locking up. I confess I have not been patient lately. I finally had the shot last Friday, and now I’m waiting for the full effects to kick in. In the meantime the left knee is swollen with fluid because it has been working so hard.

Paul’s statement in the another verse in this chapter also speaks to me,

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed in us.” (verse 19)

When I’m quoting this verse I’m reminded that my sufferings do not compare to the hardship, persecution, danger Paul and the believers in Rome faced.

You would think I could sit with a laptop on my lap and blog, but for some reason, when I’m hurting my brain just fogs up. Each day I think I’ll blog at least a little but by the end of the day, I’ve only accomplished a few chores in the kitchen and maybe made one trip on an errand.

I have several more posts to add to the series on Living Wheat-Free and Dairy-Free, so when I can I’ll get them done.CarpetLeavesEdit

I’m truly thankful for the conveniences that make life easier with a bad knee:

  • wireless internet
  • a rolling walker for sitting when I get tired in the kitchen
  • plenty of reading material
  • craft projects that don’t require much thinking or planning
  • Pinterest when I can’t go shopping
  • able to drive again for short trips (wasn’t safe to drive since the right knee locked up with no warning.
  • knee is much more stable

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