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31 Days (Continued)

31days.2Here I sit, one week after the last post, at the kitchen table because it’s the best place to stick out my right leg and close to the couch and ice packs. Left knee was drained two days ago, and I’m still moving cautiously, elevating both knees with ice frequently, and generally just happy to cook a hot meal for supper.

My 31 Days series was interrupted and I’ve got more to share, so here goes.

Let me share my favorite brand of “store-bought” bread – Udi’s. I tried many types of sliced white and whole grain breads before finding this favorite brand. It is not easy to locate this bread in the typical chain grocery store. It’s easier to just ask at the service desk or a manager. I bought Udi’s fresh cinnamon rolls at my nearby Kroger, but couldn’t find them in another Kroger. Finally asked a manager, and he showed me the frozen shelves. When I told him they were fresh at “my” Kroger, he said, “I guarantee they took them out of the freezer and put them on the shelf.” The things you learn!

Gluten free bread

You’ll have to hunt for this in each grocery store.

Now I consistently find Udi’s brand In the regular frozen food section. You will find it labeled as in this picture. I find their white, whole grain, and cinnamon raisin bread to be excellent. I keep a loaf in my freezer, take out one or two pieces, and toast them. If I don’t keep the loaf frozen, it dries out quickly or spoils before I eat it. It makes great French toast, and I save the heels for bread crumbs.

Udi's Brand Bread

Frozen loaves of bread

Only at Publix I found this wonderful French baguette that tastes like regular French bread to me. My husband is a frequent taster for new recipes, but he thinks I’ve become used to this “new normal” and have forgotten what “regular” tastes like. Could be, but I’m happy with this bread.

Udi's French Baguette

These are small loaves but slice them up and toast in the oven!

The cinnamon rolls are excellent; they just cost so much, and I can make muffins so much cheaper. You get four huge rolls with cinnamon icing to add on. As with all these frozen breads, they taste better when microwaved a few seconds. I don’t buy these often, but they are a great treat for me.

Udi's Brand

The cinnamon rolls come packaged in the same way as these muffins

Udi's brand

Haven’t tried these pizza crusts yet.

You can also find hamburger and hot dog buns. I find these to be very thick but can be used in a variety of ways.

There you have it — where and what to buy in bread from my point of view!

I’m thankful tonight for the physical ability to make my favorite comfort food supper for cold weather:

  • hot cornbread made with creamstyle corn in my cast iron skillet
  • CrockPot chili



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