Love Finds A Way

I love this story about my mother which takes place just a few weeks before she died. You can see a picture of the three sisters on this post of my blog:


Pulling into mother’s driveway, my headlights sweep across the front of her house.  It’s my regular Wednesday night visit to check and see how she is doing.

After daddy died ten years earlier, she moved to the town where I live.  My weekly visits are not because she is scared to be alone or is a weak, dependent person.  In fact, she is the opposite of all those traits.  I visit because she is dying.  Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, its specific name, wouldn’t cause most people to give pause.  But its general name – cancer – causes blood to run cold in the bravest of hearts.

Mama tried the chemo and radiation route.  That treatment gave her an eighteen month reprieve.  But now The Big Bad Wolf  is back with a vengeance and has blown the door off her house.  He’s thrown her to the floor and his fangs are buried in…

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