Warm Gingerbread

LivingWheatDairyFreeThe temperature is near freezing; weather reports predict rain/sleet/snow. In Middle Tennessee that’s probably what we’ll get tonight – all three. Cold weather puts me in the mood to bake or make soup. I’ve been wanting some gingerbread lately, and it makes the house smell delicious!

Of course It has to be wheat and dairy free, so I adapted a recipe that works great.

Wheat-free GingerbreadLook how thick it turned out! It’s the closest thing to a cake I’ve made in years. Wish you could smell it! Gingerbread is so versatile: pour on warm applesauce, some whipped cream (in my case, melt some marshmallows on it), or make a lemon sauce. You could even make a caramel icing for it. Tonight I cut out a corner while still warm, added some “butter”, and ate it with my meal. Yum!

Twinings TeaSome of my favorite new teas – Pumpkin Spice and Christmas Tea. And now for the recipe. You can also find this on my Pinterest board.Recipe for Gingerbread

GingerbreadNot hard to give thanks tonight for:

  • warm gingerbread
  • pumpkin spice tea
  • a warm, dry house on a cold night



2 thoughts on “Warm Gingerbread

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