Remedy for a Stiff Neck

Have you noticed your neck stiffening or tightening lately?

Do you have a crick in your neck?

Are your shoulders tight?

You may be suffering from Technology Neck. Are you daily

  • using your phone to text, check email, see the weather forecast, checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?
  • using a tablet or IPad for some or all of the above, playing games, checking Pinterest, looking at your PhotoStream, reading a book, etc?.
  • using a computer for any of the above as well as at work, writing, etc?.

Where is your head in each of these situations? Probably leaning forward; for how long? Hours perhaps? I’ve noticed that I also use the same neck position when crocheting or working on a craft projec.

Our preacher recently went to a chiropractor for a crick in the neck. The chiropractor gave this adviceLOOK UP!

That advice hit me like a ton of bricks; it was as if a voice from Heaven said, “Look up here.” Sarah Young (Jesus Calling) tells us to imagine a golden cord around our neck that reaches to Heaven. It keeps our focus on our goal, not on our feet as we travel this life.

God wants us to pay more attention to Him — spiritually, physically, mentally. I wonder what we miss by not looking up.

One foggy morning this week I passed the living room window and thought I saw bright red bows on the tips of the limbs of our Bradford Pear tree. I had to stop and look again. Those were bright red leaves cliinging to the bare limbs. FoggyTree.1

Looking up showed me this wonderful sight.

But this was the pear tree I see every day!

  • This pear tree that has suckers popping up all summer long and roots that make it impossible to have a flower bed underneath it.
  • This pear tree that is beautiful in spring, but hangs onto its leaves until December every year.
  • This tree that threatens to topple over with strong winds.
  • This tree reminds. me. to. LOOK UP.

What have I missed by not looking up? Do you see what sits at the top of the tree? I missed it until I edited these pictures. I’m sure this is not a partridge in a pear tree, but most likely a mockingbird.

I love these small leaves that popped out of the fog like jewels; I thought about them all day.Bird in a pear tree

The Bible story we hear this time of year tells us of two groups of men who looked up at the right time. Considering the setting, It seems that it would be impossible to miss these two events, but sometimes we miss the obvious when we don’t look up. Can you imagine being in the fields with your sheep and suddenly the sky was filled with angels? No wonder the angel said, “Do not be afraid,” to the shepherds. Sometime later there was a star, a uniquely brilliant star, that appeared.  It guided wise men to Bethlehem. One star – moving toward a tiny baby in a small town, the Savior of the world.

But they had to look up.

In your busy days during the holidays, don’t forget to stop and look up. It will help your neck and who knows what you might see.

I’m thankful for

  • this season and the joy of giving
  • small things that remind us of our great and gracious God
  • memories of Christmas past that don’t wrench my heart but bring joy
  • Christmas goodies!



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