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a new Scripture memory project for 2014 from Ann Voxkamp. Jesus ProjectEdit

Last year I memorized three chapters in Romans along with thousands of others in the Romans Project. It was challenging, enlightening, rewarding, and a blessing.

Although I memorized Scripture in Sunday School and even through Bible classes during college, this habit lay dormant for more than 40 years! My 66-year-old brain had to make some adjustments to find the rhythm of memorizing long passages. Two verses a week seemed quite reasonable until I got behind. If you happen to be driving in Nashville and see a woman talking to herself, it could be me quoting Romans 1 or 8 or 12!

The new project is not as tightly structured. Take a look at Ann’s blog that gives the rationale of choosing verses from the book of John. She makes it really easy with lovely printables of every verse. I’ve hung mine in a place I am sure to see them — the bathroom! This room also houses the washer, dryer, and dirty clothes, so I’m walking into this room several times a day.from Ann voskamp

Join the crowd in the beginning. Many of these verses are familiar to my generation because we grew up in a time that valued memorizing. If you doubt the value of memorizing, hop over to A Holy Experience and see the many reasons to take this time of concentration.

Today ———–

  • I am thankful to be vertical (knees are not in pain, not even wearing a brace).
  • So thankful the temperature outside continues to rise above freezing!!
  • Lunch with a dear friend – we talked for hours!



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