Five Minute Friday: See


Lisa-Jo Baker provides a topic every Friday and challenges bloggers to write for only five minutes. Get the details here.

This post is quite late because today was a “Grace Day”, a day with a four year old. Even though two of us (Larry and I) alternate playing with her, we never seem to have much free time.

This Friday we “see” through the eyes of a four year old.GraceDay

Castles and princesses are the norm for our play with superheroes who make random appearances. This child who probably has every Disney princess in the stores is so self-contained when we are out shopping. She just looks. If she sees something that interests her, she just asks, “Can I see that?” And the castle on the top shelf comes down for closer examination. She doesn’t even ask us to buy it, but Larry picks it up and takes it to the checkout counter. A castle from the Dollar Store that slips back into its box at the end of the day.Finding Joy with GraceJoy comes from watching her change and mature every time we see her. My favorite question these days is, “Can I sit in your lap?” Joy comes in watching her sit in Larry’s lap as they read or play a game on the IPad.

Joy comes when her squeals loudly announce Larry has surprised her again.

Her Christmas gift to me — chosen personally by Grace? This Joyful family of snow people!JoySnowfamily

Joy is a blessing when grateful eyes see every gift from a loving Father. Without thanks we can miss out on Joy.



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