Dairy Free Cheese and Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

LivingWheatDairyFreeFinding a substitute for cheese has been fruitless since I learned of my allergy to milk and all milk products. Cheese has a consistency and flavor that is not easy to reproduce; I’ve tried tofu with little success.

I found a recipe in an excellent cookbook Ifrom an Amish food store, Wow! This is Allergy Free, but I could not imagine combining these unusual ingredients with a cheese-like outcome. It begins with plain gelatin dissolved in hot water, then add in almonds, nutritional yeast, carrots, and flavorings. It sets up in the refrigerator and is firm enough to slice and grate. I was quite amazed when I topped my Alfredo sauce with it and it actually melted.

Pour into a loaf pan and refrigerate

Pour into a loaf pan and refrigerate. The crumbles were achieved by using a grater. The texture is not as stiff as most cheese but I was still able to grate.

I'm storing this in the meat drawer of my refrigerator like any other cheese.

I’m storing this in the meat drawer of my refrigerator like any other cheese.

Recipe CardI found an unusual recipe for dairy free Alfredo sauce that uses pumpkin! I added some cooked chicken breast but only added about one cup of fresh kale instead of the 4 cups suggested..

Dairy Free Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

Dairy Free Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

RecipeCardI nearly inhaled my plate of pasta and sauce; it was a true comfort food for me. My husband will try most anything I make, and I make some strange-looking things! He asked if this dish was healthy (as he continued to shovel it in). What can be better than kale, pumpkin, and a sauce that had only 3 T. of oil? If you like spicy or strong flavors in your food, this may be too plain, but you can add cheese or my cheese substitute for more flavor.

Note about recipes. I provide the original source in case you want to check it out, but I’ve published them as my own because I always alter the recipe in some way. Cooking wheat free and dairy free is tricky because things can turn out so differently each time. If you decide to use one of my recipes, keep an open mind about changing it. Cooking is always an adventure!

Thankful for new recipes, availability of fresh ingredients and comfort foods in winter.



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