Five Minute Friday: WRITE


The verb I haven’t done lately.

The process that is neglected if the body aches or wheezes or coughs until I’m light-headed.

The creative outlet that just needs brain cells to function, paper, and pen (or computer).

Writing — the habit that needs to be fed every day.

Writing requires reading. Sometimes that’s my favorite part, reading inspiring blogs of brave women who use this fabulous means for sharing our stories.

Look at Lisa-Jo’s post today — her new book along with two others I’ve already put on my list to read.

And these books I’m reading now.

Click to see                                           Annie Downs’ new book 

Click to see                                          Emily Freeman’s new book

Click to see    Max Lucado’s new book

Blessings to feed our souls, who pay honor to our Father with their words.

I give thanks today for bloggers who

  • encourage weary souls
  • bare their deepest fears
  • reflect on everyday moments and lift the mundane to importance
  • travel across oceans and share desperate lives with the dignity they deserve



6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: WRITE

  1. Tiffany

    I think consistency in writing is something we all struggle with, to some degree or another. I know I go through phases where I write every day and then don’t write for months. Keep at it!

  2. Kerry Simmons

    Joy, You are a woman of my own heart. Wonderfully written. We are sisters in writing and reading. I will look into the books that you suggested. Max Lucado is one of my favorite authors. Thank-you


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