Panera Did It Again!

LivingWheatDairyFreePanera Bread has become my favorite place to eat these days and I’ve tried two new bowls of stew that are super good: Moroccan Beef Stew and Spanish Chicken Stew. You can’t find these on the menu online (what’s up with that?), but they are featured at the counter at my local Panera. Not sure if they are available at all Paneras.PaneraStews

Both of these stews are delicious and are wheat-free and dairy-free. They filled me up on these cold Tennessee days.

But the most encouraging thing? The person who waited on me entered my food allergies into the computer on my order. She said they would need the info so they could change their gloves when they prepared my dish! This is so good to know! I’m sure that does not always happen but still — information plus action is a good thing for those of us who need the extra mile when eating out.

I’m thankful for healthy meals without wheat or dairy!



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