Hope for Hard Days

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I’m reading Max Lucado’s latest book, You’ll Get Through This.You'll Get Through This

I’ve given this book away several times, then a friend returned the favor by giving me a copy. I’ve recommended it to many who are having some Hard Days.

At first I thought, “I’ve been through my hardest days. I’m not sure I need it right now.” But as I dig into the story of Joseph I’m gaining a new perspective on the trials and triumphs of his life.

I’m also finding more and more folks going through some really Hard Days.

Whether I am in the middle of a crisis or whether one of my family members gets that dreaded “C” word from a doctor’s diagnosis, Hard Days come to us all.

We all need encouragement and hope for Hard Days. 

Lucado repeats a phrase throughout the book that is worth remembering. 


I’ve created these two signs as PDF files. One is in color (Click here You’llGetThrough.color) and the other is in black and white (Click here You’llGetThrough.chalkboard).

Maybe you need this sign right now for your Hard Days. Or perhaps you know someone who could use a reminder of the hope we have been promised.

May God bless you through all your days.

I’m thankful for the Easy Days,
but I also thank God for taking care of me through some very dark days.



2 thoughts on “Hope for Hard Days

  1. Kathy

    Thanks, Martell for this. God is using you in so many ways to help others. I just printed this off to give to the couple that are staying with us while their little premie is struggling at Centennial Hospital. Kathy


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