Nurturing Your Creativity

CreatingWreathIn September I looked at last year’s fall wreath and decided it needed a little sprucing up.

I had a roll of burlap, found the directions for making burlap flowers on Pinterest and began. First I pulled out all my “stuff” to see what I have. My stuff clutters up one end of the upstairs bedroom; I find it hard to part with crafting stuff!

Hot glue is fast and easy, so I began creating some flowers out of this burlap. After 10 minutes of gluing I remembered the disadvantage of hot glue — all that glue that sticks to your finger tips and everything else.


burlap.3As bedtime approached I just left the mess out — the blessing of a room upstairs that has space for a mess. The next morning I looked at the wreath and realized with just a little more adjusting, the wreath would be ready to hang.FallWreath

That urge to create? Where does it come from? When does it happen?

I’ve been thinking about creativity for months and immediately ordered Emily Freeman;s terrific new book about art, A Million Little Ways. Her book challenges us to look at art as God’s gift to us. The definition of art is much broader than the way we think of it. Check out her blog, chatting at the sky.MillionLittleWays

When I get that urge to create, it feels like I’m “cooking” — I just feel like with a little time and stuff I can pull a project together. This energy for creating is a blessing to me because I don’t feel it every day.

I believe creativity is within each of us; we were made in God’s image! Is He not the Greatest Creator of all? Won’t you think a bit today about nourishing your creativity?

What gets your creativity going – a new recipe, redecorating a room, making anything with your hands, singing?

I thank God for the “art” of this world, His creation.



3 thoughts on “Nurturing Your Creativity

  1. Bertsan73

    I love this! Several years ago I was impressed with the talk given by Ken Robinson on that “Schools Kill Creativity”. I agreed with him and had since tried to encourage creativity in students. After reading this message above, I don’t think school kill our creativity… they just put it into a dormant stage. I now agree that “creativity is within each of us.” So I will now try to revitalize the creativity that still exists within myself and others.

    1. JoyMartell Post author

      Thanks for this insight. I’ve heard about this TED talk bit have not looked it up. I like the idea that creativity is dormant; I agree. The sad part is how long it takes some of us to find the art within us.

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