The Aftermath of Suicide

This reposted blog by my brother discusses an important topic. I pray that your teen or your family never experiences a teen suicide. Teens are especially vulnerable to suicide.


Last week was a particularly difficult time for folks in the small town that I live in.  One of the young people in our high school committed suicide.  Yes, I know you hear of things like that everyday on the news, but did you actually know the person who took their life?  In our town everyone knows each other or at least someone who is connected.  Maybe we don’t know each other intimately, but we know each other’s face when we meet at a ball game or at the grocery store or pass each other on a street.

It’s not as disturbing to think about suicide when it is at a distance.  But when it is up close and personal, it rattles you – unnerves you.

I shared my thoughts about the event in a letter to the editor of our weekly newspaper and on Facebook.  Over 430 people “like(d)”…

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