Pete the Cat: a book recommendation

School003Some Tuesdays are for Teachers, Parents AND Grandparents Have you seen Pete the Cat books?

These simple picture books pack in clever lessons with rhyme and song.  You can find some of the stories on YouTube with the author telling the story, and children responding with “Goodness no!”

These cute stories filled with colorful art include an important lesson in each one — or in the case of I Love My White Shoes, a moral to the story. If you teach or parent children who have grown beyond the picture book stage, don’t dismiss the value of picture books. They come with excellent critical thinking skills as well as some lesson.

In the first Pete book, Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes, he steps in a colorful mess on each page that ruins his white shoes. The author asks, “Does he cry?” and the children in the video answer, “Goodness no! He keeps on singing.” This book teaches cause and effect (What happens when he walks through a pile of strawberries?), and you can reinforce sequencing  by asking the child, “What happened next?”Pete the Cat

And the moral of this story? No matter what you step in, just keep on walking and singing your song. Is that not a lesson we all need to hear? If you have any child who falls apart at any crisis, read her this book!

Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes is a great book for children going to school for the first time. As he encounters each new activity the question asked is, “Does Pete worry? Goodness no! He sings his song . . .”  This cat is groovy; as he says, “It’s all good.”

In Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Pete loses the buttons on his coat. Each time one pops off the reader subtracts until he has only one button left – his belly button!

In Pete the Cat Saves Christmas this message is repeated on each pageGive it your all!

You can find downloads of the songs from several Pete books at this website at HarperCollins along with activities to download.

Check out Pete. He’ll make your day brighter!

I’m thankful for authors and illustrators of children’s books that teach skills and concepts while entertaining through stories.



One thought on “Pete the Cat: a book recommendation

  1. Beth Ann Fisher

    Love this Joy! I teach a full time preschool program for 3’s right now. That is my current assignment! Isn’t that a hoot! We value the lessons taught by our wise friend Pete. Thank you.


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