Settling In: Chapter 2B

CoverPic.finalA Journey Home is the story of my mother’s experiences working as a nurse in a health clinic for the underserved in Ghana, West Africa

September, 1989 Mama traveled to her new home in Ghana with Bob and Beth Williams. All flights from North America to West Africa went through Amsterdam, so they enjoyed a day and night of sightseeing in that interesting, old city. The flight from Amsterdam landed in the capital city of Accra, Ghana where a missionary family provided transportation, bed, and breakfast for travelers going to the Kumasi Clinic. Click here to begin with the first entry of “The Journey Home”

Settling In, Part 2

This is her first letter to us after arriving in Kumasi.

9 P.M. Saturday

No problems with our flight from Amsterdam. We arrived in Accra at 6 P.M., had claimed all 18 bags, checked through customs by 8:30 — record time! Beth predicted it would be 10:30 but then she had prophesied gloom and doom all day just to see if she could rattle or scare me.  I finally told her she was a lousy prophetess.

The two of us really had a good time, she is witty; Bob has two new hearing aids, so he just tuned us out!

We spent the night with Dan and Brenda McVey and started for Kumasi about 10:30 the next morning. Then we remembered we needed to exchange money before traveling north. We tried three places before we were successful; then Bob remembered he left his briefcase at the McVeys.  We went back to their house; after leaving there we decided we better eat lunch before leaving Accra.

Finally, we again started for Kumasi at 1:30 P.M., arriving at 5:15. A hot delicious meal was waiting for us!

It is now about 9:15 after a hot shower and shampoo I’m going to crash!

It was so good to talk to David (middle son) this morning – just to know I could call. We went to the airport in Accra, purchased a card and I dialed direct, just like that!

Monday P.M.

Sunday’s events: 31/2 hours for Bible class and worship, lunch, long conversations, a nap, and then:

A “Singsong” at another congregation with several other congregations that night (which gave new meaning to the phrase “decent and in order!) I’m sure there were 300 to 400 people there cramped into a place for 250. They had microphones for each part. Beth said they were using them as “instruments of music”. Loud!! we only stayed about one hour. I’m sure they stayed til close to midnight.AfricaMama024

Today I’ve finally unpacked all the boxes and bags. We went grocery shopping, stopping in at least six different places. Had a light supper, then a staff meeting.

It has rained – this evening and tonight. I won’t need the fan again tonight.

I know Mama was thankful her safe travels, clearing customs, a comfortable house, and cool temperatures for sleeping.



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