Five Minute Friday: JOY

I’ve been writing about JOY since the began this blog back in 2012. Where is Joy? sits permanently on my Home Page to open the door to my journey without JOY.

This is what I know about finding your JOY when it has been snatched from your life:

  • there is no magic pill
  • no “one thing”
  • no perfect word to give you

I want to offer some things that helped me, words to consider, Scripture to memorize, but if you are depressed or walking through a valley of grief, these little things just seem empty. You have no motivation to try anything.

But, try this:

  • Ask someone to pray for you.
  • On a better day, put a card with a Scripture by your bed where you will see it.
  • Let God hear your groans. You don’t have to use words, His Spirit is interceding for you NOW.
  • Do Not Give Up! This I know: our God is gracious and merciful
  • Give thanks for the pain. Lean into God.

HealsBrokenMay you find JOY today in the small, in the tiniest moments when you see God’s gifts.



For another perspective in looking for JOY, see this post, Where Do I Put the Sadness?

I am full of JOY for the blessings God gives me. Today is a Grace Day, so hearing her little voice call, “Miss Tell, I want to share my crackers with Lawwy.” just brings JOY.



3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: JOY

  1. oliveshootinstitute

    I agree with all of your statements! How cool of the Lord to give you a word prompt that is EXACTLY what you are about! Keep writing, sister in Christ!

    Cindy, your “neighbor” on Five Minute Friday


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