Five Minute Friday: MIGHTY

These words, this melody from Michael W. Smith’s song still play in my head.

Twelve years ago, April 16, this song played as our 21 year old daughter’s casket left the church auditorium.

You are holy

You are mighty

You are worthy

Worthy of praise

I will follow

I will listen

I will love you

All of my days

The voices were from Kamp Kanakuk counselors — her home away from home her last two summers.

Hundreds of teenagers and college friends lined the halls while this song played as we escorted her casket out.

This song stayed in my head for months. I sat on our deck and replayed the events that shook me to my core.

I believed those words. How else could we survive this shock?

She believed these words. Josh, her fiance, believed. The song was his suggestion.Jennifer

Our God IS MIGHTY. Only His hands could shelter my grief. Only His arms could support me through the valley of grief.

And then  —   I could not listen to the song. The pain was too raw. The voices of those young people reminded me that I would never hear Jennifer’s voice again.

I walked through a dark valley for many years. I could not pray. I could not sing.

I was so angry at God for not saving Jennifer when she fell from that mountain.

Jennifer's view before she fell

                                              Jennifer’s view before she fell

But deep in my heart I believed that He is MIGHTY.

He steadfastly waited for me to find my way back.

And I did. And this song?

Every so often, I play it from YouTube and rejoice in His MIGHTY Power.

You can read my story of grief and recovery in the Broken Hearts posts beginning here.

I thank my God through Jesus Christ that He held me close when I could not bear to remember.




6 thoughts on “You Are MIGHTY

  1. clothedwithjoy

    Joy, I also have four daughters and I can imagine your grief as only a mother can. In my own healing journey I have learned the power of music – specifically worship music. Thank you for sharing this, your honest journey must be such an encouragement to many.

    And by the way, I love the layout of your blog. Beautiful.

  2. amcdonald21

    Thank you for sharing your story, Joy. I am so glad you found your way back to God and are praising Him despite your grief. Your post is a beautiful reminder that He is always there, even during the darkest times.

  3. Libby Simons

    It is hard to believe that it has been twelve years. I am lifting you up in pray that your joy may always in front of the sorrow.

  4. Martha

    I finally got to spend some time with my friend that is currently going through the same trauma. She is six months now without her daughter. I gave her your card. I continue to pray that she will visit your blog and find comfort and peace through your story. Thanks for letting God’s light shine through you!! Love you!!


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