The Greatest Writer: Five Minute Friday

Joining Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday: one word and five minutes.


As soon as the word writer pops into my brain, the word story comes along with it. What do videographers, photographers, movie makers, cartoonists, artists, and poets have in common? They tell stories, stories using different mediums. When critics  say a new movie falls flat, are they talking about the lighting or the special effects? They usually are talking about the story.

Story is in our DNA. John Eldrege says story is how we figure things out. And who was the first writer? Our Creator, the one who programmed us with this uniqueness that makes us different from all the other animals.

Understanding the story of our lives is a quest of an Epic Story. In some ways and on some occasions we are the writers of our own story. Fortunately the Greatest Writer does not give us everything we want, just what we need. If we were the ultimate writer of our story, we would all have everything we wanted without a struggle, without the need to belong to God.

The Greatest Writer gave us choices in our story. He wrote the story so we could find our way to Him. The Epic Story God wrote is a battle for our hearts. He allows us to choose in this battle, in this story.  We have the freedom to choose God or reject Him.

I thank my God for the story He created that can rescue all of mankind.

I thank Him for the choice.


There is more to this story the Greatest Writer has set in motion. Read about it in John Eldredge’s little book, Epic: The Story God is Telling and the Role That is Yours to PlayEpic.2



One thought on “The Greatest Writer: Five Minute Friday

  1. mylifeaslori

    Coming to you from FMF … thank you for this post! I love the “I thank my God for the story He created that can rescue all of mankind.”… so humbling!


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