God’s Paint: five-minute friday

FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY follows Lisa-Joy Baker’s one word prompts for a whole community of bloggers.

Since this is such a late post for five minute friday, I’m not following the rules except to use the one-word prompt for today’s topic: PAINT

Spring has finally arrived in Middle Tennessee, and God’s earth is blooming in his paint. Today pictures, rather than words, will illustrate the beauty of our decorated streets, parks, and countryside.

Shades of greenEmeraldGreenGreengrass

Shades of blueSpringcloudsSpringclouds.2Springclouds.3

Shades of purplehicynths.2Jennifer bushviolas.2

Shades of redredtulipsredbudtreeShades of God’s paint in springSpringflowers

So much to thank God for! Are you counting the blessings God provides in your life? Writing them down in a journal or notebook makes a difference.

Try this as a family — have slips of paper on the dining table and a box or jar beside it During the day family members write down a blessing and put it in the jar. Read them out loud at dinner when the family is gathered for a meal.




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