Thread and Glue: Five Minute Friday

Writing today on one word for five minutes:


Confession: the first part of this poem was written April 13, 2003, a year after our 21 year old daughter died. My pain was raw; I wondered if it would ever end. I patterned the poem after Langston Hughes’ poem, “What happens to a dream deferred?”

APRIL, 2003

What happens to a grief deferred?

Does it bubble up inside

when memories wash over me?

Or feel like a hard scab to be forgotten

until the wound is exposed and screams with pain?

When does the pain ease?

Will spring always bring fresh memories of

the days we buried her?

Is it easier to defer this grief,

Or does it make it worse?

Some days I feel

held together with fine cotton thread

that could break at any moment.

Jennifer bush

Saucer Magnolia bush planted in Jennifer’s memory one year after her death

APRIL, 2014

No longer held together with fine thread,

the pieces of my broken heart were kept safe,

and then put back in place,

one at a time,

 held together with glue.

Glue from God’s words

“Their hearts are steady because they trust the Lord” Isaiah 112:7

“He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted . ..” Isaiah 61:1

His promises to walk with me through the dark valley,

Promises to be with me and watch over me.

Verse by verse, layer upon layer

Glue to build up a broken heart 

make it stronger.

The pain has eased,

Not gone, and not forgotten.

but April’s blooms remind me of the joy,

the imprint her life left on so many.

Thank you God for your healing power, the gift of Jennifer, and 21 years with her.



4 thoughts on “Thread and Glue: Five Minute Friday

  1. zippiknits

    “He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted.” So beautiful a quote for such a terrible personal time, and the recognition that you never walk alone. Your poem is a beautiful tribute to recovery and eventual reconciliation that is promised by our Lord. Blessings to you.

  2. Marisa

    Thank you for sharing such a difficult time of your life with us. I pray that you continue to feel the glue of Jesus love for you and your daughter.


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