Shopping the Ghana Way, Chapter 3E

A Journey HomeA Journey Home is the story of my mother’s experiences working as a nurse in a health clinic for the under-served in Ghana, West Africa. Click here to begin with the first entry of “The Journey Home”  My comments are in red.

In addition to Mama’s letters to me and her journal notes, she regularly sent a newsletter to all the churches and individuals who supported her with funds and prayers.  This is the last section of her first newsletter from October, 1989.

Plans were made the night before for a shopping trip. We would leave early, 8-8:30 A.M. Beth and I were ready with our lists, market baskets, and shopping bag. Since I’m not driving yet we wait for Bob who waits for someone else. We are finally off by 9:45 Heavy traffic and construction made a three mile trip to town 45 minutes long! Bob first had to go by the tax office; he waited 30 minutes and still no paper. He was sure the paper was ready. He saw it, but the office girl wanted a bribe. She didn’t ask for it, just stacked other work on Bob’s paper. He will go back another day. this is a game played frequently. Our next stop was the Post Office. Then to the meat market.MeatMarket

It took 30-45 minutes to buy 2 roasts, pork chops, and 2 chickens — total cost about $25. You wouldn’t believe the butcher shop even if I tried to describe it! At least he had the meat in a freezer. The beef and pork were partially frozen and the chicken frozen solid. Nearly everything is sold in outdoor markets in Kumasi. Even meat in this meat market. to find frozen meat, they had to find a shop that catered to foreign visitors. Supermarkets are just not available, especially in 1989.

We stopped in four more shops to buy flour, sugar, dried beans, juice, bread, a can of corn, and a can of mushrooms. It is now 12:15 and Bob had an appointment at 12:30. We rushed home with shopping incomplete. We need eggs and fresh vegetables (2 more stops). Oh well, another day – maybe.

Sunday, Oct. 29

I have received a few letters from home, most of them 2 weeks coming. Tonight we are in Accra for a few days to buy medicine. Walt could not travel with us due to a back problem. Bob is checking on farm and pond building projects. we hope to call our children tonight, and I am getting excited. When we come to Accra,  we stay with Dan and Brenda McVey, an outstanding family I will write more about later.

To each of you a special word of appreciation for your support, financially and prayerfully. To Keith and Pam Kemp for getting this report out to you. Most of all for my precious children allowing me to come with their good wishes and prayers.

Until we meed again here or in that upper and better Kingdom – God bless and keep us in His care for His service.

Yours in Christ

Martin Johnson

I thank God for these letters from Mama so they can be shared with her grandchildren and their children.




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