Mess: Five Minute Friday


Simple.  Easy to repair. Momentary, even fleeting.

a mess caused by young children, busy parents

a mess as a result of fun, squealing, singing, laughing, creating, joyful abandon

a mess caused by forgetfulness, distraction, fatigue, change??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Complex. Life-changing: physically, emotionally or both.

mess from conflict, tragedy, violence, revenge. addiction

mess from flood, tornado, fire, sinkholes, hurricane, snowstorm

mess from heartbreak, broken relationships, broken promises

These are the messes we pray about, asking God to rescue or save us from, to just stop. Why God? Why me? My family? My home?

We are the not the first to ask the questions or lay prostrate before God in desperation.

The thing is God’s actions don’t make sense to us.

He saved the Israelites by parting a sea for millions to escape.

But when they wandered in the desert they soon ran out of food. He gave them food – only it was the same thing everyday! For 40 years! I wonder if they saw God’s rescue of manna and quail as a rescue.

His Son stilled a storm, raised the dead, rescued souls from death or demons.

So believers can point to biblical instances of God’s intervention, but it’s not so easy in our every day.

Ann Voskamp said it so well this week:

Sometimes God calms the storm

Sometimes the storms swirl and He calms our fears.

Thank God for every rescue, every save, and the Peace He gives me when I’m in a serious mess.



2 thoughts on “Mess: Five Minute Friday

  1. jrmclarty

    Such a great post! I love that quote you included from Ann Voskamp. Sometimes we just need to be content in our mess, knowing that God is still taking care of us.


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