Letter from Accra, Chapter 3F

A Journey HomeA Journey Home is the story of my mother’s experiences working as a nurse in a health clinic for the under-served in Ghana, West Africa. Click here to begin with the first entry of “The Journey Home”  My comments are in red.

Last week’s post mentioned  they would  be going to Accra. The letter below  describes that trip.

Monday, Oct. 30, 1989

Dear Martell, Larry, and Jennifer,

I tried to call you last night which was 2 :30 P.M. your time but no answer, so I got Steve and Marie (Brother #1). Our connections were very good. They said all was OK including Larry’s recovery. (Larry’s 2nd detached retina surgery) I surely hope so. I’m sure the restricted activities have been tough. Your eyesight is so precious, do take good care of it.

We came to Accra Saturday after clinic. I drove 1/3 of the way– my first driving experience. I had some difficulty with shifting. One of the other vehicles will be easier. I told Dan and Brenda McVey I must have done OK cause Bob went to sleep. “Oh, that means nothing,” they said. “Bob goes to sleep mid-conversation!”

We will be doing some shopping before we return tomorrow,especially to purchase drugs. They are much cheaper here than in Kumasi.

Some people from Michigan have been here is Ghana for a month working with churches they sponsor and will be leaving today. So we are all sending out letters with them. I have my first report to my sponsors ready to go to Pam and Keith. They will send you a copy and most of my news is in it.

My days are full and busy. I’m beginning to feel useful and necessary. I’m amazed how well I feel.

The weather is changing from hot to hotter and dry. I’m thankful for the air conditioner in my bedroom. It cools one end of the apartment including the bath..

Bob and Beth are so good to me. We eat together at least once a day. She prepares lunch most clinic days, but some of her cooking is a disaster! We were making Bob a simple birthday cake; I made the cake and she made the icing. She came to my door laughing so hard the tears were flowing while still beating the icing. She said, “You won’t believe what I have done.”

Living quarters in the clinic compound

Living quarters in the clinic compound

I said, “Oh yes I will!” When she reached for the vanilla, she grabbed the green cake coloring and dumped it in. It was chocolate icing. When piled on the cake it looked strangely like spots in the cow pasture! Oh, we laughed and the story will be retold many times.

She was not enthusiastic about returning to Ghana and came back just to help Bob finish some projects. They will probably go home for good next year.

Besides adjusting to a new culture, clinic workers from the states also learned to adjust to each other as individuals and husband/wife teams moved in and out. 

Jennifer, how is school? Write and let me know! I love you and miss you.

I pray life is a little easier and that your ankle is better, Martell.

So much for now.

God bless and care for you all is my daily prayer.

Love,    Mom

Mama’s letters were our only contact with her, except for a random phone call or two, so we eagerly awaited them.

I thank God for the time she took to write letters to all four of us.

I am thankful for her service and those who served with her.




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