Clinic Work, Chapter 4B

A Journey HomeA Journey Home is the story of my mother’s experiences working as a nurse in a health clinic for the under-served in Ghana, West Africa. Click here to begin with the first entry of “The Journey Home”  My comments are in red.

This letter to me covers a number of topics. Today’s post is Part A.

November 29, 1989

Dear Martell,

All continues to go well in the clinic. We seem to have finally worked out the problem of too many injections at the clinic. I finally ordered the pharmacy worker not to issue any injectable chloroquine for malaria. That got the nurse’s attention; they were upset. So we had another talk.

I told them they had really helped me in many ways. I had learned a lot from them and I hoped they would learn from me. Of course, communication is part of the problem. They thought I meant all injections, but I had specifically written chloroquine injections. Anyway, they seem to accept my decision now, and everyone seems happy.

Kumasi clinic nurse

Kumasi clinic nurse

Ghanaian nurse in Kumasi clinig

Ghanaian nurse in Kumasi clinic

Pharmacy worker accepting prescription from a patient

Pharmacy worker accepting prescription from a patient

Ghanaians are very hospitable, tolerant people, not aggressive at all. Our brothers and sisters always treat us as guests. We prefer not to receive special treatment, but I think we have no choice.

Plans are forming up for our outreach program to begin early 1990 to train more Primary Health Care Workers out in the villages. We’ve now chosen the village, Milk 14, where we did the clinic in June – 246 patients! Sanitation, safe water, immunizations, safe nutrition are among the topics to work on. We must commit 5-6 years to one area if we want to see definite improvement.

I am thankful for the loving and gracious Ghanaians who loved Mama and were always kind to her.

I am thankful their communication was so easily solved on this occasion since she was the only RN at the clinic during her first days in Ghana.




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