The Blessing of Nothing

Writing for five minutes. No editing, second-guessing, Given a topic from Lisa-Jo’s blog, can I limit myself to five minutes of writing? That is always the challenge that I usually fail. But I love the one-word prompts. 

So many dear sisters in our fellowship as well as family members carry the dreaded cancer in their breasts or other parts of their bodies.

That yearly mammogram that no woman enjoys? You pray that it shows NOTHING.

The PET scans after chemo? You pray they show NOTHING.

The blood tests, the MRI, all the technology advances in medicine? We want the results to be normal; that usually means NOTHING abnormal IS revealed.

A blessing received after many prayers – the tumor is gone. NOTHING can be seen where there once had been a tumor.

NOTHING is not always a blessing, but Bonnie Gray’s new book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace, provides insights into the value and beauty of whitespace or NOTHING.

from Bonnie Gray's blog:

from Bonnie Gray’s blog:

As I washed windows this morning with only birdsong as an accompaniment, I thought of this incredible blessing of silence to gather thoughts for writing. Lisa-Jo’s writing is my frequent reminder of those crazy, hurry-up days with a pre-schooler or toddler.

I remember longing for NOTHING that needed my attention when I held a full-time teaching job cared for a husband and young daughter, and tried to keep house filling every minute. Every mother needs some whitespace in her life. I stand in awe of blogging mothers who daily fill their posts with spiritual wisdom and deep thoughts.

I had many months and years when I neglected the necessary whitespace to pray, meditate, and dig deeply into Scripture. There was always SOMETHING that needed to be done. Doing NOTHING often brought guilty feelings.

Twelve years ago I found doing NOTHING became essential for

my peace

my soul

my heart

when our precious daughter, Jennifer died. (You can find that story here.) Doing NOTHING gave me time to grieve, to seek God, to reflect, to question, to heal. As it turns out, doing NOTHING can be work for your soul.

Thank God I learned the blessing of NOTHING.





3 thoughts on “The Blessing of Nothing

  1. Kathy

    Martel, I loved what you wrote. It is so very true as I don’t leave time for “nothing”. I really need to be reminded of this daily! Kathy


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