Books for Young Children

Advice from a teacher for parents, grandparents,or caregivers
Created by a former 8th grader

Created by one of my former 8th graders

I’m giving advice this summer in place of my Tuesday is for Teachers, refering to the children you care for as “your” children

I discovered an author this year who has become a favorite of mine for reading to preschoolers or young readers. I found it while surfing for crochet patterns for animals. I wanted to crochet “our” Grace something and found a mouse with a cookie.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numerhoff and illustrated by Felicia Bond provides humorous situations of the consequences in meeting the demands of a mouse. Teachers love this book because of the wide variety of reading skills that can be reinforced with this clever book.Mouse.Cookie

Google this title and then look at the images.  You’ll find:

  • activity sheets
  • coloring sheets
  • pictures for retelling the story
  • sequencing activities (first, he wanted a cookie, and then he wanted a ______________)
  • if/then situations
  • difference in real and fantasy
  • even Pinterest boards

The list goes on and on. The story becomes a theme for units in first grade or kindergarten. If you want to strengthen your reader’s skills, begin by reading this book aloud and following up with some of these activities. The book is also a great writing opportunity: write another story using this mouse or another animal and a different situation.

Moose.MuffinPigPartyDog.DonutRead the whole series plus more books starring this bold little mouse.




I found another great source for parents, grandparents, and caregivers on the Nashville Public Library website. You’ll find booklists to match the age of your child, dinosaur books, princess (!) books, and a link to Bringing Books to Life, a resource for preschool literacy. Other helpful links on this site provide tips in reading to children of all ages, fathers helping fathers to encouraging reading in their children.

This is the last week of June!

Have you been going to the library with your little ones?

Are they reading every day?

Pack some books for your vacation.

Have you seen the efforts to bring back Reading Rainbow, the PBS series starring LeVar Burton? As soon as I read or hear “Reading Rainbow” the music pops in my head:

Take a look,

It’s in a book.

Reading Rainbow

For more resources and reasons for encouraging reading in children of all ages, click here.

Share your reader’s favorite books in the Comment section.

Happy summer reading!

I am thankful for libraries that provide free books to everyone and encourage children to read.




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