Personnel Changes at the Clinic, 5A

A Journey HomeA Journey Home is the story of my mother’s experiences working as a nurse in a health clinic for the under-served in Ghana, West Africa. Click here to begin with the first entry of “The Journey Home”  My comments are in red.


Mother returned to the States just before Christmas, 1989, and stayed until February, 1990. Her flights on the Dutch airlines, KLM, always began in Atlanta with a long layover in Amsterdam. Sometimes it was even an overnight layover before the six hour flight south to Africa, flying over the Sahara Desert, making a quick stop in Nigeria, and then on to Accra, Ghana.

Our first news from Mom was on March 24 when she sent her newsletter to all her supporters. Here is the first installment.

Greetings from Ghana,

We joke among ourselves at times about suffering missionaries, especialy when we sit down to a meal of fried chicken. But, at the present moment, it is no joke. The electricity has been off almost 36 hours. Last night it was on long enough to freeze ice in our refrigerators, then off again all day. We had to cook our month’s supply of meat; unless it comes on tonight we will give it away tomorrow. This is one of hottest times in Ghana. Those who have been here 2 years or more are saying it is hotter than they have ever experienced. When someone on the team complains, the rest of us remind them of how God dealt with the Israelites when they murmured! I’m sure God considers us as spoiled children.

The work here has resumed at a good pace. Three more team members are on the scene. Avril Keoughan, a nurse from Canada, accompanied me on my return trip from Amsterdam in February. She and I are sharing an apartment on the compound. I couldn’t ask for a more companionable housemate. She says she didn’t know the Lord was sending her to the mission field to look after an old lady. On the days when I misplace my cup of coffee, she threatens me with the nursing home, if there be such in Ghana! All of this to say, we rarely get on each other’s nerves.

Avril, Norma, Curtis Edwards, Mama

Avril, Norma, Curtis Edwards, Mama

Norma and Curtis Edwards arrived  from Tucson, Arizona early in March. Norma is a Family Nurse practitioner and will give added strength to our nursing team. Curtis is energetic and has quickly applied himself to all kinds of maintenance work. They both feel they will love it here in Ghana. They are living in the adjoining apartment but will move into the house next door when Bob and Beth Williams return to the States in May.

We will miss Beth and Bob so much. They initially came for 18 months and have been here two and a half years. Beth needs cataract surgery badly, so after a stay in the States we are hoping they will long for Ghana and return. They have so many friends who will mourn their leaving.

 I am thankful for the blessings Mama received by working with a dedicated  team from North America.




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