LOST: Five Minute Friday

Joining Lisa-Jo Baker today with a one word topic to write about for 5 minutes. We writing teachers call it a “writing prompt”.


I have a terrible sense of direction. The first time I remember being lost was when I was five years old. Since then I have been lost in every place we have lived in as an adult. I’ve even been lost on the backroads of north Georgia using Onstar!

When I was in Kindergarten, we lived in Detroit.  One day the snow came down so hard that school was dismissed before lunch. I think I usually walked home, but this instance is my only memory of walking home.I.24.d

My friend and I started walking home. Because we lived in Michigan we were prepared for bad weather. We wore rubber boots, warm coats with leggings to match under our dresses, mittens, and scarves. Snow blew so hard we could hardly see landmarks. I had no idea where we were, I felt totally lost.

Luckily my friend found the way to her house.

Dressed for Michigan winter with younger brothers, Steve and David

Dressed for Michigan winter with younger brothers, Steve and David

Kgrad.1I remember sitting on the floor at her house, eating the lunch from my lunchbox while we waited for my Daddy to pick me up.

Little did I know that my parents were searching frantically for me. Daddy sat outside the school waiting for me to come out. When I never came, he must have felt the panic that only a parent can feel. I can totally relate; I was a five year old lost in a snowstorm.

The most important memory I have of that day is my daddy telling me that I should never walk home again when school was dismissed. I should wait at school until someone came for me.

My father gave me a sense of security; he would take care of me no matter what.

Feeling lost returns again and again as grow older:

  • lost in math class
  • lost on the first day at a new school (which happened to me 9 times by high school)
  • lost when a loved one dies
  • lost when your life has no direction
  • lost when you are spiritually adrift

Despite maturity of years and experience we continue to feel lost. The best news today about finding yourself lost?

Our heavenly Father promises He cares for us in all circumstances. He reassures us over and over in Scripture. Just read through the Psalms. Whatever happens I know I can trust in Him to take care of me.

You are my strength, I sing praise to you;
    you, God, are my fortress,
    my God on whom I can rely.

Psalm 59:17

What a gift! What a blessing

Thank God that I can always rely on Him. 



3 thoughts on “LOST: Five Minute Friday

  1. Ruth

    Dear Joy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. Speaking so honestly about our human experiences of lostness can be so comforting – we find ourselves in good company, and can regain our courage and direction. Yes, surely we can rely wholly upon God.

  2. 9jaime

    I get lost so easily myself. It’s so annoying, I sometimes feel like I have something wrong with my brain! Thank goodness for google maps and my smart phone. I would be lost—literally—without them. God bless!


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