BLOOM: Five Minute Friday

Joining Lisa-Jo Baker today with a one word topic to write about for 5 minutes. We writing teachers call it a “writing prompt”.

BLOOM:   slowly opening, revealing vibrant color, delicate petals, home for the butterflies and bees.


???????????????????????????????Some blooms just fill my heart with joy. The resilient purple cone flowers return even in my neglected flower beds. The butterflies love these orange cones.

ButterflyConeMy favorites are the hydrangeas. Those blooms change and last long enough to save as dried blooms.Hydrang2

IMG_0250Flowers are the jewelry in God’s landscape. Delicate intricate details from a color palette that only God could create.

I am thankful for every flower that blooms this year in my flower beds because they are surviving on their own! Knees nor the pollen counts have been cooperating lately. 



One thought on “BLOOM: Five Minute Friday

  1. Beth Hess

    You’ve highlighted some of my favorite flowers here. Beautiful! And I, too, am especially grateful for the ones that bloom even with I neglect them. God is so good to us like that! (Your Five Minute Friday neighbor)


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