Western Region Mobile Clinic

A Journey HomeA Journey Home is the story of my mother’s experiences working as a nurse in a health clinic for the under-served in Ghana, West Africa. Click here to begin with the first entry of “The Journey Home”  My comments are in red.


April, 1990

Greetings from Ghana, West Africa

Our second trip in April was to the Western Region with the evangelistic team from Bomso congregation where the team worships. Eleven of us again packed provisions for three nights and four days. We drove five hours over rough, dusty roads through dense jungle, passing through an occasional village. The rest house this time was a beautiful villa on a mountain top, spacious rooms and beds, so cool fans were not needed but the running water was again poured from buckets! Oh yes, a horde of BIG roaches this time. a noise in the kitchen was explained as the roaches carrying our food box out the door!

Typical brush arbor used for classes and worship

Typical brush arbor used for classes and worship

Our clinic next day was for Christians who had gathered for a three day seminar. When we arrived I counted seven different Bible classes in progress, under the brush arbor, the mango and papaya trees. Two nurses saw 65 patients in the morning and then to another small village in the afternoon to see 40 more.

Francis, clinic evangelist and teacher

Francis, clinic evangelist and teacher

The next day 100 patients were seen while our evangelist, Francis, used the mobile P.A. system to teach primary health lessons and the gospel. He talked three and a half to four hours. He is an excellent teacher. Two of our staff workers accompanied us, Georgina and Agnes, who interpreted for us. They also cooked us a tasty supper of fish stew and rice. We arrived home at 3 P.M. Saturday to greet a young couple visiting and considering coming to Ghana. On Tuesday we took them on an all day mobile clinic.


I know the mobile clinics were hard work, just the logistics of packing all the equipment and supplies needed, along with their own food and water. Each new clinic had its own challenges, and they were never sure what type of accommodations they would have. Proper food, water, and rest were needed to withstand the long hours of work in the outdoor heat.

I continue to be amazed and thankful for God blessing Mama with the energy and health this work required.



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