Joining the new host of FMF today, Kate Motuang. A community of bloggers write from a one-word topic for 5 minutes. We writing teachers call it a “writing prompt”.

‘tell was my nickname

 I remember Daddy using it throughout my life.

Martell is such a mouthful.

My brothers call me Sis.

But ‘tell really described me.

I surely love to tell. . .




students how to . . . write, create, think, learn, remember,

If you ask my brothers, they will tell you

I was quick to tell who did what,

which I’m sure was really annoying.

When I was in high school, I learned how to tell

Bible stories in children’s Sunday School classes.

And I never stopped telling stories.

Since retirement from teaching,

this blog has been such a great opportunity

for telling more stories.

Who knew this would be possible?

I thank God for the Book full of stories that the ancients told to their children,  they told to their children, and on and on.


Busy days this week kept me from writing here. And we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary this weekend!


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