A Prayer for Teachers, 2014

Created by a former 8th grader

Tuesday is for Teachers

I know, today is not Tuesday. But this is a post for teachers that should have been written weeks ago. I’ve been suffering from a root canal resulting in lots of pain, and it has taken longer to recover than I would like.

My local church has adopted a nearby middle school and an elementary school for the past few years. As a teacher I was on the receiving end when they brought us lunch on in-service days and provided school supplies for our large enrollments of children living in poverty.

As a retired teacher I enjoyed blessing teachers a few weeks ago with a simple lunch and then buying school supplies for church members to load into backpacks — for every child in the school! It is a blessing to give back and show appreciation for teachers who are so stressed these days. I look forward to volunteering at the elementary school for tutoring in reading.

I begin each fall with a prayer for teachers. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or a community member with no children in school, ALL teachers need encouragement and prayers ALL year long.booksMMSbuildingSchoolTables

My Prayer to Teachers 

I pray that God bless you this year, whether you are just beginning to arrange your classroom or whether you have already been in school for a a few weeks.

I pray that you are blessed with


  • courage to do what is best for your students
  • courage to analyze whatever  “new” mandate is being pushed this year
  • courage to hold fast to classroom rules or procedures to foster a productive learning environment
  • and courage to bend those procedures in necessary


  • physical strength to meet the daily demands of your schedule
  • emotional strength to support students

in crisis

with trauma

who challenge you


  • wisdom to know how to meet the needs of challenging students
  • wisdom to know how to balance classroom management with humor, or “the look”, or “stick-to your-guns”, or flexibility


  • I pray you will find ways to develop an environment that supports creativity despite the pressures of high-stakes testing
  • that you have the creativity to make learning dynamic, risky, open to mistakes, and full of wonder


  • to fight the good fight despite discouraging news, policies, or difficult days
  • to teach perseverance, an important habit of mind to your students


  • may you find joy in your students — in their humor, their innocence, their unique personalities
  • may you transmit the joy of learning to your students and inspire them to find the joy and wonder of learning

Teaching is a gift that can enrich the life of the one who is teaching as well as the one who is learning.

I am thankful for teachers at every level of learning.


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