WHISPER: Five Minute Friday

Joining hostess, Kate Motuang, of FMF, A community of bloggers write from a one-word topic for 5 minutes. We writing teachers call it a “writing prompt”.

A great and strong wind came, so strong it destroyed mountains and shattered rocks. But God was not in the mighty wind.

A terrible earthquake came, but God was not in the earthquake.

After the earthquake a fire came. But God was not in the fire.

After the fire came a gentle whisper. Elijah knew THIS whisper was Yahweh. Jehovah God came to him in a whisper

Elijah had given up. He told God he had had enough. He was the only prophet who had not been killed, so he said, Lord, just take my life.”

But God was not done with Elijah; He told him to wait on the mountain for He, Yahweh, would pass by.

When Elijah heard the whisper, he covered his face. And God said, “What are you doing here?”

Have you heard that whisper? Does God ask you what are you doing here? 

Sometimes giving up seems like the only option. The odds are overwhelming; life’s burdens are too great to bear.

And they are if we try to carry the load alone. sunrise3

Listen for the whisper. He. Is. Right. Beside you.

I thank God for His voice that comes in a whisper, even though He has the power to come in a tornado, and earthquake, or a fire.



3 thoughts on “WHISPER: Five Minute Friday

  1. Ruth

    Thanks for your words…. ‘listen for the whisper – he is right beside you’. Learning to know it, in my mind and also in my heart. May you also be awash with a sense of his near presence this weekend.


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