Joining hostess, Kate Motuang, of FMF, A community of bloggers write from a one-word topic for 5 minutes. We writing teachers call it a “writing prompt”.


A state of mind.

Often, a definite state of mind.

I’m either:

ready for this change,

this challenge,

this friendship,

this moment

or not.

I was not ready for our 21 year old daughter to die.
Her fiance, her friends, the teenage girls she taught? They were not ready either.Head shot 2

campYet, she was.

Not with a death wish or an escape from pain.

But she was ready to meet her Lord, her Father.

One of the most comforting cards to me came from a co-worker from summer camp. She said she had the image of Jennifer meeting our Father in Heaven as He said, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

The other comfort came in knowing my parents (who also had been ready for their deaths) were waiting to welcome her. They never knew her as a young woman, full of grace and living a life of service to her King. I can imagine their warm hugs enveloping her as they always welcomed me.

I thank God that through the pain of grief in losing Jennifer, I knew she was ready for her eternal home. 


Links to my story and Jennifer’s story.


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